Promotion of domestic cinema

Promotion of domestic cinema

Eurasia International film festival plays an important role not only for the domestic cinema, but also for Central Asian filmmakers. The event, held annually in Kazakhstan, brings fame and success to many motion pictures. Azerbaijani filmmakers believe that movies will be recognized all over the world after their presentation at the festival. This year the XIII Eurasia international film festival has become record-breaking in terms of the number of films presented at the contest and the number of participants.


- Usually, we receive invitations from other film festivals after this Eurasia festival. The inviting festivals note that a particular film was seen at the Eurasia festival and they liked it. Therefore, from this point of view, this festival is an important platform for films of Asian countries, Caucasus, and other regions. Every year the festival’s authority increases in the world.

Pomegranate Garden by Azerbaijani filmmakers was screened in Astana and was granted a special prize as well as the Best Actor Award. This year Gurban Ismailov’s success for his play in the film is connected with Kazakhstan.


- This year Kazakhstan has played a big role in my acting career. Approximately a month and a half ago, before the Eurasia Film Festival, we performed in Astana on stage with the theater team. After this, we received offers to perform in other cities. Then at the Eurasia Film Festival I got the award for the Best Actor in the Pomegranate Garden. Therefore, I’m grateful to the directors for the invitation to this film and Kazakhstan for these successes, because they highly appreciated my art.

As part of the 13th International Film Festival, Astana hosted the Eurasian film market for the first time with participation of film buyers and content owners, distributors from the CIS countries, Europe, the USA, China, India and South Korea.


- The film market should be present at the film festival. The film market attracts a lot of practitioners and professionals. The festival has become more professional and I see that more people are invited. Invitations of people from different countries to the festival are a step forward. This is an international recognition of the festival.

The filmmakers emphasize that they have witnessed a great deal of attention from state and society to the Kazakh cinematography. In general, experts positively assessed the country’s development in cinematography.


- I believe that the Kazakh filmmakers can give a lot of things not only to your people, but to the entire world because in your cinema the culture dominates and very strong roots are felt. I think this is important. I have seen several Kazakh films which I really like. I know that this isn’t a limit for you. Therefore, I wish the Kazakh directors to present a new cinema to the whole world.

Today the Kazakh cinema is actively represented on the world's leading venues. This year the Kazakh pavilion has been opened at the 70th Cannes Film Festival for the first time. It presented the country’s film industry at Village International. This was a unique opportunity for domestic filmmakers, distributors and representatives of film networks to present their projects, ideas and attract new partners to Kazakhstan.