The capital hosted the European film festival

The capital hosted the European film festival

The capital hosted the European film festival. 13 movies which have already earned love and recognition of Western critics and viewers had been showcased to the Kazakh people for three days. The nominee for the Oscar as the best foreign film, My Sweet Little Village by a Czech director is one of the presented films. A Prizewinner of the European Film Academy, a Spanish film, The Tiny Island was presented, too. In addition, on the last day of the festival, the Kazakh-German documentary film, Sea Tomorrow, was presented which is dedicated to the Aral Sea problem.



This proves that as part of cinematography the projects between the EU member states and Kazakhstan already exist which should be further developed. I know that some countries have already organized the Kazakh film festivals. As part of the Francophone film festival in Romania the films of Kazakh production had a huge success last year.


The European film festival was held in Astana for the second year. During this time, experts of non-commercial films are already in love. The organizers come up seriously to the choice of repertoire. The primary aspect for them is the philosophical message of the pictures that makes the audience think.



European has a very advanced film industry.  Today,  I’ve come to the first show, The Fencer. I really liked the film about a young, ambitious and life-loving guy who lives in the Soviet years.

- I really like European cinema because the films with deep meaning and realistic. After watching the films there is something to think about. It is possible take a lesson. I’m glad that we have such a film festival.


The European film festival was held in Astana as part of the Europe Day in Kazakhstan.