Canada’s filmmakers shooting documentary about Botai culture

Canada’s filmmakers shooting documentary about Botai culture

The well-known Canadian broadcaster ‘ClearWater Documentary’ will create a documentary about Botai culture. The creative team led by director and anthropologist Niobe Thompson is going to shoot at an archaeological site in the Northern Kazakhstan. This Chalcolithic settlement was opened 30 years ago by archaeologist Victor Zeibert.



The first finds were enormous in scale. Just imagine huge piles of artifacts. We processed tens, hundreds, thousands of them. This was unprecedented. When it became known in Almaty and Moscow, no one believed us. They wanted to see it themselves.


There were found first samples of bridles, traces of horse milk on old bowls and other evidence that our ancestors bred horse 6,000 years ago. Botai burial attracted attentions of archaeologists from around the world. The U.S. scientists recognized that it was the oldest monument of the domestication of horses. British scientists have decided that human first learned to ride a horse in Botai. However, very few people in the world know about it, says Director Niobe Thompson. He took a number of popular science documentaries and is preparing a project about the history of the domestication of horses. The shooting process was decided to start in Kazakhstan. 



I as an anthropologist have long been aware of Botai. But very few people know about in the West and in your country. Maybe, Botai is the best place to understand how the relationship with horses begun. This animal has changed everything for us.


According to scientists, horse breeding changed the lives of people. Man needed pants to ride. They created tools from horse bones and, even the ancient surgical instruments. This is evidenced by the findings in Botai settlement. Foreign archaeologists are in the burial now.



Our group is engaged in domestication of horses. Therefore, our work in connected with the objects where horses were contained or had been used of them. We dug the corral for the horses a few years ago and caught dumping plan.