Iranian film "Daughter" gets Grand Prix at Moscow film festival

Iranian film

Jury of the 38th Moscow International Film Festival, which ended on Thursday, has awarded the Grand Prix - the Gold St George statuette - to the Iranian film ‘Daughter’ by the producer Reza Mirkamiri, who received the Grand Prix for his film As Simple As That at the Moscow film festival in 2008 the previous time.


The Russian film ‘The Monk and the Demon’ by Nikolai Dostal did not get a prize, TASS reports.


"This is a second time I get a Gold St George in Moscow, and I received both prizes for the films about family values," Mirkarimi said as he got the award.


‘Daugther’ is a drama telling the story of a traditionalist Iranian family where a conservative father takes all the decisions. The customary system of life collapses when the fifteen-year-old Segareh takes a flight to Teheran to see off her friend emigrating for Canada instead of celebration of her younger sister’s engagement.


Farhad Aslani who plays the girl’s father was named the Best Actor at the festival, while the Best Actress title went to the 13-year-old Filipino Teresa Malvar for the role in the social drama ‘Haze’ highlighting the plight of homeless children.


The Silver St George was awarded to the debutante Put Grasten for the film ‘37’ based on the real events in Brooklyn on the night of March 13, 1964, when as many as 37 people evidenced the raping and murder of Kitty Genovese and none of the eyewitnesses made the slightest attempt to come to her rescue. This crime was entered later on in the textbooks on social psychology.


The special prize of the jury chaired by the Bulgarian film director Ivaylo Hristov went to the Bulgarian Radoslav Spasov for the film ‘The Singing Boots’ recounting the life story of the Socialist-era Bulgarian pop singer Lili Ivanova who was exposed after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the publication of classified documents as an eavesdropper to security services.


Nicole Brending of the U.S., the producer of ‘Selfied’ won in the nomination for short films. ‘Mrs. B. A North Korean Woman’ by Jero Yun of South Korea was proclaimed the best documentary on the festival programme.