European cinema week kicks off in Kazakhstan

European cinema week kicks off in Kazakhstan

European Cinema Week opened with a Portuguese romantic comedy ‘Cats don’t have vertigo’. The film became one of the leaders of the national film distribution in Portugal in 2014, and has been nominated for the international film awards. The main criterion for selecting films was their success. The festival will present such brilliant works as British documentary, Oscar nominee ‘Amy’, Estonian-Georgian war drama ‘Tangerine’, which received the award for Best Director and other masterpieces of contemporary European cinema. The European Film Week has become a traditional event for the Kazakh public, and annually attracts a full house of moviegoers.



It is also an excellent opportunity where you have the possibility to be introduced to fifteen movies from the European producers. Which are to be excellently complemented by the series of documentary movies in Almaty and part of this movies are also going to be presented in Shymkent.



I am very impressed by European films because they are much deeper perhaps rather than other foreign films, they have no artificial tint, glamor, they are deeper in terms of philosophy, they carry some bright ideas and they are not always designed for a mass audience. Perhaps, they are not very popular among wide range of viewers. But nevertheless, they are very beautiful aesthetically and in terms of the philosophical meaning.