When Robert Downey Jr splashed myriad hues on Eiffel Tower

When Robert Downey Jr splashed myriad hues on Eiffel Tower

As part of a promotional activity for his forthcoming film "Captain America: Civil War", actor Robert Downey Jr. added varied hues like red, yellow and blue to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. He called it a "technological triumphant", business-standard.com reports.


Downey Jr. was here to attend the film's premiere with Don Cheadle, Emily VanCamp and co-director Anthony Russo at the Le Grand Rex theatre on Monday, but he took out time to pay a visit to the Eiffel Tower, reports justjared.com.


In the promotional video by the makers, Downey Jr. can be seen visiting the tower and lighting it up in red and yellow hues.


"Look at that towering technological triumphant. It makes me think of unity. Unity is sadly something that's lacking in 'The Avengers' crew lately, so I thought I'd seek counsel in the 'Iron Lady' herself. But you can't come empty handed. Otherwise, I wouldn't be an Iron gentle-Man. But I figured with this being the City of Light, perhaps, she wouldn't mind if I tinkered with her bulbs a little bit," the actor said in the clip.


After illuminating the tower with colours, Downey Jr. also said: "Team Cap (Captain America), how do you come back from that? You are toast!"


The superhero team-up movie is scheduled to release in US and India on May 6 with Chris Evans as Captain America. In the film, both the superheroes are at odds.


Photo: ru.publika.md