J.K. Rowling confirms 3 more Harry Potter spin-offs

J.K. Rowling confirms 3 more Harry Potter spin-offs

While the upcoming release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them feels to some fans of the Harry Potter franchise like the memory of the original series is being tarnished and milked dry, the majority of fans feel like it's the start of a grand new chapter in the series. And as it turns out, it is indeed a new series, MoviePilot reports.


While the big news lately for Potter lovers has been the upcoming West End playHarry Potter And The Cursed Child, followed by the release of the screenplay/script in the form of a book, a new tidbit has emerged from the ubiquitous Twitter account of J.K. Rowling. 


In response to a fan saying that she heard Cursed Child will be made into a film, Rowling said that while this isn't a true rumor, we are set to see a trilogy of films made around the Fantastic Beasts storyline! 


Although this brings back memories of the horrifying moment I found out The Hobbit was being made into a trilogy, I have faith that Rowling wouldn't let a threesome be made unless a sufficient storyline had been planned out. 


This might be big news, but we can't look too far into the future. While there is aFantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them book, it isn't the story which we are set to see on screen. Therefore we cannot truly guess the storyline of the whole trilogy until the first film is released in November.




Photo: moviepilot.com