The volume of cargo turnover in Astana customs clearance center grew by 20%

The volume of cargo turnover in Astana customs clearance center grew by 20%. At present, exporters and importers receive services in accordance with one stop-shop principle. Kazakh senators visited the center to see how it works. The center’s customs and logistics infrastructure has no analogues in Kazakhstan. The center was constructed according to the best international experience.


 - Astana customs clearance center utilized the Georgian experience. Its main idea is the integrated service delivery. Both state and private services are offered at one place, there is no need to go anywhere. State services include customs services, sanitary, veterinary and transport services. The center ensures traffic safety as well.

The customs clearance center was launched on the basis of a large transport and logistics facility two years ago. Cargo registration starting from the arrival of goods to their dispatch takes up to three hours. Currently, over two and a half thousand foreign economic activity participants are registered in the center. All of them say that the business activity increased due to the center’s outstanding work.


 - We are importers, we receive cargo from Europe and the near abroad. We often undergo customs clearance. The time has decreased at present. The throughput has become larger, the turnover has increased.

The center’s success makes it possible to plan for opening new generation customs clearance facilities in all regions of Kazakhstan.


 - The services are provided very quickly. Similar centers will open in all our regional centers as part of the new Tax Code. The issues of customs administration will be considered in a new format, taking into account the experience that we have gained.

According to experts, creation of such a customs clearance center has allowed to increase the turnover and, accordingly, budget revenues. The government received more than 83 billion tenge in the form of payments since the beginning of the year. Over 10,000 declarations were issued to foreign economic activity participants.