Kazakhstan will start assembling new generation electric cars in 2018

Kazakhstan will start assembling new generation electric cars in 2018. The manufacturing will be launched at Kostanay car assembling plant. The joint Kazakh-Chinese project will become a breakthrough and will make Kazakhstani cars more competitive and export-oriented. According to experts, Kazakhstan’s automotive industry has great development prospects.


 - Many European countries have adopted state programs to ban the production of internal combustion engine cars in 10-15 years. Our task is also to be part of this global trend, to start producing environmentally friendly cars, which is necessary for many cities of Kazakhstan. There are some issues related to infrastructure, battery capacity and its performance in cold temperatures, but this is feasible in terms of technology.

Foreign automakers are ready to share their technologies and experience with Kazakh manufacturers.


 - The electric buses have been introduced two years ago in France and Western Europe. Up to now we had hybrid buses. Our company is one of the leaders in hybrid buses manufacturing, so it was easy for us to shift from hybrid to electric because we were able to use many components, for instance, electric motors, convertors, electronic devices. So it was a hybrid in which we have plugged batteries.

Participants of the Fifth Kazakhstan’s Machine Builders Forum discussed measures of state support, attraction of investments, issues of import substitution and introduction of high technologies. Along with the automobile companies, the event was attended by representatives of oil and gas, electrical engineering, mining, metallurgical and defense engineering industries. Leading experts noted the active development of the Kazakhstan’s automotive industry. Following the results of 8 months, Kazakhstan has exported the bigger number of vehicles than in previous year all together. Sales markets are Belarus, Tajikistan, Russia, and China. The forum participants highlighted that Kazakhstan has beaten its record in car exports. Kazakhstani manufacturers intend to increase export volumes in the future.