Kazakhstani products are winning foreign markets

Kazakhstani products are winning foreign markets. Karaganda ball valves manufacturing plant is actively exporting its goods. The plant manufactures 10,000 products per year. They are used in heating and oil and gas industry. 10% of products are exported to the Russian market. They are planning to increase production in the future. The plant installed new equipment for metalworking. Now they can make parts that were previously purchased abroad. The plant expanded the assortment to 200 items and increased the number of staff twofold to 60 people.


 - Quality management system was introduced at our plant. It is designed for oil and gas equipment manufacturers. Our product’s certification was approved by the American oil and gas institute. Our ball valves comply with international standards. We expanded sales markets across Kazakhstan.

Aktau transformers plant is planning to expand production as well. The enterprise worth 2 billion tenge was opened as part of Industrial Innovative Development program. The plant’s transformers and substations are used in all spheres of construction. This is the first enterprise of such type in the region.


Kazakhstan’s content is more than 90%. For example, Kentau Transformers Plant manufactures a vacuum switch. This is our Kazakhstani production. We get the metal from Temirtau.

The company’s main mission is the creation of a national energy brand and the development of high technology production in Kazakhstan. The enterprise, which is important for the whole region, and also for Kazakhstan’s economy, was put into operation in a short period of time. High-tech equipment was installed at the plant. The entire system is computer-controlled and fully automated.


 - Our company produces transformers with a voltage of 10, 20, 35 and 110 kW. Our company is the only transformers manufacturer in Kazakhstan. It includes the Kentau Transformer Plant, the Ural Transformer Plant and the Aktau Transformer Plant. We have carried out market analysis for Turkmenistan. There aren’t any transformer plants. Therefore, we decided to export our products, produced in Aktau, to Turkmenistan. More than 50% will be exported.

The enterprise’s annual volume will be 6 billion tenge in the future. The plant will produce 4,000 transformer substations per year or 20 items daily. The plant will switch to full capacity in December, by Industrialization Day.