In the future, the territory of EXPO will become cryptodolin

Astana hosted the Islamic Finance Week conference. According to foreign experts the Astana International Financial Center can become the main hub in the Islamic finance in Central Asia. For this purpose, the AIFC learns from international experience and offers employee trainings, including in the Islamic banking. The financial institution plans to teach about 100 instructors and plans to train up to 1000 people per year.


- У Казахстана есть огромный потенциал, чтобы стать лидером по исламскому финансированию в регионе. У вас есть все необходимые ресурсы для развития данного направления. Казахстанская молодежь обучается по международным программам и перенимает лучший мировой опыт. К тому же, правительство активно поддерживает развитие исламского финансирования в стране. Поэтому я думаю, что поставленные цели весьма реальны.

One of the AIFC priorities is development of crypto-currencies. According to the AIFC governor Kairat Kelimbetov, in the future the expo’s territory and the financial institution’s location will become a crypto field. Kairat Kelimbetov also noted that today this direction is of great interest all over the world. For example, in the US and Singapore, activities of crypto-economics want to be equated to the financial one. Japan supports some crypto-currencies as a means of payment.


- The expo’s entire territory will become a kind of crypto field or crypto landing. There is a great interest all over the world: some central banks support this direction actively while others are keeping an eye on it. The Astana International Financial Center will be at the forefront of the crypts, opinions, understandings and processes. On the other hand, we are responsible for issues and financial stability as well as regulation of certain financial institutions. These directions allow us to say that an appropriate financial and technological cluster will be formed on the expo’s territory.

According to the center’s management, until the end of the year, the new AIFC exchange will be launched, which will work in accordance with English law. The center will be based on the experience of the world's leading financial sites. The US NASDAQ is the corresponding strategic partner in technology. The official presentation of the Astana International Financial Center will be held at the end of the year.