Singaporean businessmen show great interest in AIFC

The Astana International Financial Center will begin its work in January 2018. This was reported by the AIFC governor Kairat Kelimbetov at the presentation in Singapore. This country is known as one of the world's largest financial centers. Thanks to development of the financial sector, the state was one the world’s prosperous countries in the early 1990's. Today the financial industry accounts for 12% of Singapore's GDP. More than 200, 000 financiers work in Singapore. According to the famous economist Santosh Kumar, Astana will soon repeat the miracle of Singapore.



- Я не раз был в Казахстане и могу с уверенностью сказать о том, что эта страна динамично развивается. Проведены большие реформы, и сегодня в вашей республике сложилась благоприятная обстановка для бизнеса и инвестиций. Думаю, в ближайшие 20 лет Казахстан займет лидирующее место среди мировых финансовых центров.   


Singapore's businessmen showed great interest in the  financial center of Astana. The parties discussed the cooperation in various industries like the capital market, asset management and introduction of advanced investment tools.



 - Until the New Year, we plan to visit the centers which are interested in Kazakhstan. Primarily, it is a center in London which is a key partner for the AIFC, then in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and other financial centers in China. We also visit Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and we have other huge interests in many areas. This is development of the capital market and industries. The countries of the Middle East are interested in cooperation with Islamic finance.


The AIFC faces the goal of becoming a financial hub not only in Central Asia but also in the long term for the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, the Middle East, Western China, Mongolia and Europe.



- Два года назад мы приняли участие в конференции в Астане, где обсуждали создание финансового центра. И сейчас эта инициатива воплощается в жизнь. Я поражен такой оперативности, проделана большая работа. Уверен, Центр сможет  положительно повлиять на региональный экономический рост.  


The Astana International Financial Center provides a number of privileges for its participants. For example, the tax exemption for 50 years, 2 years of rent-free offices and a special visa regime for foreigners as well as free-flow of capital and ultramodern infrastructure. According to experts, the AIFC is very beneficial for those who are interested in joining the Eurasian economic market and Central Asia.