European Investment Bank to invest 100 million euros into the Kazakh agro-industrial complex

European Investment Bank to invest 100 million euros into the Kazakh agro-industrial complex

The European Investment Bank intends to invest 100 million euros into the Kazakh agro-industrial complex. This is the result of negotiations by KazAgro. Over the past five years, the holding and its subsidiaries had attracted foreign investments worth more than 375 billion tenge. On August 25th the agricultural producers will conclude the next profitable deals at the upcoming AgroInvest forum in Astana. According to organizers, investors from China, Iran, Hungary, Poland, Russia and other countries will take part in the forum. Entrepreneurs and experts will discuss new trends and prospects for doing business in the agro-industrial complex. Moreover, Kazakh agrarians will be able to hold meetings with potential investors and present their projects.


- The Fund aims to develop existing projects in the agroindustrial complex by experiencing a shortage of resources and financing new ones in areas like livestock, poultry, fruit and vegetable farming, fish farming, dairy production, cereals and oilseeds and assembling agricultural machinery. Of course, the most important activities of the Fund are the transfer of technology and the qualitative improvement of project management.

Over 100 entrepreneurs will take part in the Agro-Industrial Investment Forum. They will be able to share their experience in certification, in electronic trading platforms and export operations at panel sessions and master classes. In addition, the implementation of joint projects will be discussed, too. Sergei Sergin and his brother are involved in a family poultry farm business. Plans in the farm are big which include breeding of 30, 000 ducks and 60, 000 broilers. Entrepreneurs plan to export products as well as attract foreign investors.


- If we work independently, we will have a lot of issues. This is collateral security and etc. Therefore, unfortunately, we will develop very slowly. If we attract investors, we will be able to produce a million geese in 2 years and 2 million ducks in the next 2 years.

According to experts, this forum allows creating optimal conditions for investors by increasing Kazakhstan’s competitiveness in agribusiness and its investment attractiveness.