9,000 vehicles were manufactured in Kazakhstan in half a year

9,000 vehicles were manufactured in Kazakhstan in half a year

Kazakhstan’s automotive industry is demonstrating a confident growth, statistics shows. According to the head of Kazakhstan Association of Automotive Industry Oleg Alfyorov, 9,000 vehicles were manufactured in Kazakhstan in half a year, including 8000 automobiles. This is 3.5 times more than a year before. The share of the local automotive industry has reached 47% of the total car market. This is a historical maximum. Lada, Kia, Hyundai and Jac are in high demand in Kazakhstan. Every tenth car manufactured locally has been exported. More than 600 have been sold as part of subsidized lending program.

Specialists say that growth in the industry is justified by improved quality. Workers at car assembling plants are continuously improving their qualifications. More than 3,500 workers of Kostanai car assembling plant have taken a training in technology transfer conducted by Italian carmakers.


- We understood that we have to do something to have qualified staff and we need to train them from the beginning. At present, the plant has more than 50 agreements on cooperation with Kazakhstani and foreign educational institutions.

More than 50 students are trained as part of the dual education system. They are trained in the faculty of Equipment and Technology, which has been opened at the factory. Moreover, experienced workers also teach in universities and colleges. This cooperation resulted in capacity building and development of car manufacturing manuals that will be published soon.