Camel milk Shubat and mare's milk Kymyz processing factory is being built in Turkestan

Camel milk Shubat and mare's milk Kymyz processing factory is being built in Turkestan

One of the reforms outlined in the ‘100 concrete steps’ Nation’s Plan is the attraction of strategic investors in agriculture. This will foster economic growth and will help to diversify the economy. Camel milk Shubat and mare's milk Kymyz processing factory is being built in Turkestan with the support of Chinese investors. The project worth $21 million will be launched this year.


At the second stage of the factory’s development, we will produce cosmetics from camel milk: facial masks, creams, face wash, shampoo. We will also launch production of baby food.

The enterprise is being built in a special economic zone. It has an access to the necessary infrastructure and railway. Almost all products will be exported to China, the United Arab Emirates and Europe.

The factory will process up to 100 tonnes of milk. It will be distributed not only by local farmers but also in nearby districts and regions. Zhangir Ismailov has been breeding camels for 17 years now. He is an owner of a large camel’s farm in Turkestan. He says that the business will soon become even more profitable.


We don’t have to search for clients in every corner. Factory collects the milk. We sell the product to the factory and also receive subsidies from the state. Camel milk is in high demand now.

According to experts, Turkestan has a favorable investment climate. Investors are offered promising projects in many spheres.


We created an industrial zone, and approved 14 projects. This year, we are attracting investments for another 4 projects. They are an electrode processing plant, a metal processing plant, a reinforced concrete factory, and a cabinet furniture manufacturing plant.

French investors invested one million euros in the construction of a modern dairy farm in Pavlodar region. This will be a full cycle production from feedlots to finished products. The European company is part of the international group for production of dairy products.


These are direct investments. You see that everything is done according to the latest technology. It is very important for us to increase milk yields. We produce 45,000 tonnes of milk per year. We need to move the cows to the stalls.

A new complex for 420 cows is built according to the most advanced technologies, with the necessary level of humidity, ventilation, and lighting. The dairy farm has introduced a soybean feed.


This is very good for cows. There is a lot of protein, so milk should be very good. In France, we also use soy in fodders. Therefore, we want to do the same here.

The dairy farm is planned to be launched early autumn. Then they will start building another complex.