China will buy frozen lamb made in Kazakhstan

China will buy frozen lamb made in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is increasing its exports. The country’s agro-industrial complex is one of the leaders to win the foreign market. Thus, in the Aral Sea region, the volume of fish products supply has tripled over the past four years. The fish processing enterprises of the region successfully master the scope of the Eurasian Economic Union. During the first three months of this year, approximately 5,500 tonnes of products had been exported to the countries of Europe, Central Asia, and Transcaucasia.


- The export potential of Kazakhstan is very large. Today 50% of the agricultural products supplied to the market are fish and fillet of pike perch. In the future, with the increase of territory of the Aral Sea, we plan to raise the allocation of subsidies for development of the fish industry, the growth in feed and then fish planting material.

China will buy frozen lamb made in Kazakhstan. In June, China and Kazakhstan signed an agreement on meat export. The coordination of the veterinary certificate by the parties is the next step. The same work is conducted with the United Arab Emirates. Veterinary requirements for the supply of live sheep, frozen and chilled lamb has already been approved with Iran. Negotiations on the supply of meat are being held with Israel, too. In May Kazakhstan became a country free from foot and mouth disease. This opens up great opportunities to export to the WTO countries.


-The head of state highlighted that we really can become one of the world's largest producers of agricultural products for many positions, especially in the production of environmentally-friendly food products. The Made in Kazakhstan brand should become a standard of this product and we should ensure the transition from commodity sector to high-grade processed agricultural products.