The economy of Astana has grown over five months

The economy of Astana has grown over five months

The economy of Astana has grown over five months. Gross regional product (GRP) grew by 2.5% to 5 trillion tenge last year. The share of GRP in the republican volume made up more than 11%. The volume of investments in the city’s economy is increasing, the number of enterprises, including SMEs, is growing. One of them is the company engaged in the manufacturing industry. The enterprise works day and night. Even when the working shift ends, these smart equipment cut stones, process and engrave them. The enterprise became fully automated in16 years. A man is needed only to install software and control the process.


- Our revenue grows by 15-30% every year and also depends on the financial situation in Kazakhstan’s market in general. The crisis affects us as well but we make good products that satisfy our customers. We have an individual approach to every customer. Customers’ satisfaction is our main criterion.

Industrial production volumes are growing in Astana. It grew by 5.2% and made up 216 billion tenge since the beginning of the year.


- The volume of investments in the city's economy increased by 18% compared to the same period last year and amounted to more than 265.4 billion tenge, reaching the share of 11% in republican volume. Half of the investments were taken from the funds of economic entities.

In general, gross regional product per capita in Astana makes up 5.5 million tenge which is twice higher than the average figure in Kazakhstan. Astana is still a leader in the construction sector. 25.5% of Kazakhstan’s construction volume accounts for the capital city. More than one million square meters were commissioned in five months

The city’s authorities are aimed at making Astana a business, financial and research center of Eurasia.