In Ankara employees of the Embassy of Kazakhstan organized the Forum of Turkish Intelligentsia

 In Ankara employees of the Embassy of Kazakhstan organized the Forum of Turkish Intelligentsia

Ankara hosted the Forum of Turkish Intellectuals. The forum’s organizers are employees of the Embassy of Kazakhstan. State and public figures who are well-known to the entire Turkic world, as well as scientists and representatives of international organizations discussed Nursultan Nazarbayev's initiatives on modernization of public consciousness at the event. Turkey is about to join 10 of the most developed countries of the world that sets a goal to form national self-consciousness of the younger generation in the era of globalization and to give them a high-quality education.



- I feel the author's desire to make this country eternal. These initiatives affect the state’s important aspects. I would call this article the World Manifesto because, not only the people should be eternal, but also the state. In this regard, this article is very important for all of us.


A Former Minister of Culture of Turkey, Namik Kemal Zeybek, highlighted the far-sighted policy of the Kazakh leader. He also believes that Nursultan Nazarbayev's initiatives are up to date and relevant for his country.



 - The head of state in his article has clearly defined the pulse of time. I cite: "Before our eyes, the world is beginning a new, largely obscure and historical cycle. It is impossible to occupy a place in an advanced group by preserving the previous model of consciousness and thinking. Therefore, it is important to concentrate, to change ourselves and through adaptation to change conditions, to take the best of what the new era bears." The leader of the nation calls his people to modernize public consciousness. This treatment will help to strengthen the stability and unity of the people.


Representatives of the Turkish intellectuals highlighted that the initiatives presented in the program article of Nursultan Nazarbayev are of great importance not only for Kazakhstan, but also for the modernization of the public consciousness of all Turkic-speaking peoples. Experts and political scientists wished the Kazakh people to realize all the tasks.