20 largest engineering companies of Italy are going to Astana

20 largest engineering companies of Italy are going to Astana

20 largest Italian engineering companies are on their way to Astana to pursue the new contracts at the expo. The program includes bilateral meetings with potential partners. Italians expect to leave the expo with a bunch of new projects. One of the companies, SPEA Engineering, has been building transportation networks throughout the world for half a century. The organization intends to expand cooperation with Kazakhstan, too. Therefore, participation in the expo is a good chance to establish a mutually beneficial partnership.



- The exhibition is of great importance for the Italian companies. Of course, there are companies that already work in Kazakhstan, but there are very few companies in the transport sector, and Kazakhstan offers huge opportunities and resources.


VDP works in the transport industry, too. However, the task of the company is quite different which is to study the impact of the projected networks on the environment and reduce it to a minimum. The discourse is about air pollution, increased level of vibration and landscape disturbance. Today, it isn’t possible to build infrastructure facilities without these dimensions.



- Kazakhstan with its geographical position can be a crossroads of communications between East and West with a large and actively developing international hub for the construction of infrastructure facilities in the region. We, certainly, want to depart with an understanding to know in which directions we can collaborate, in which projects we may invest, and where we can be useful. Italy has a vast experience in the construction of railways and freeways.


The president of the Association of Italian Engineering and Architectural Companies doesn’t doubt the effectiveness of the meeting which is scheduled for July 13th and will be held in the Italian National Pavilion.