Kazakhstan set to improve higher education

Kazakhstan set to improve higher education

Higher education institutions will actively develop over the next few years. As expected, Kazakhstan will introduce new education facilities working together with the largest non-CIS universities. Great importance is paid to the state program for development of education and science in 2016-2019.



The status of a scientist will be improved in Kazakhstan. This is mentioned in the program's section called 'Enhancing the role and status of a scholar'. Now the rating of Kazakhstan's scientists will be measured by 'h-index'. The evaluation will take into account  publications in international magazines.


Speaking about the preferences of the students in choosing future career, the trend shows increasing interest in international law. Previously, students tended to choose such majors as economy, medicine and law.



Presently, specialists of international profile are in high demand, whether a professional lawyer, or other specialists, he should have an international profile. In order to be competitive, and for Kazakhstani diplomas to be in demand in the international educational space, our specialists should have be able to speak foreign languagess.  Developing partnerships in the field of education with foreign universities is very important too.    


Today, more than five Kazakh universities are actively cooperating with universities in Europe, the U.S., and the countries of the Asian region. Currently, scientists and teachers are holding an active dialogue with the government to expand the number of joint universities. 




Photo: ortcom.kz