Kazakh people that live in Orenburg

The city of Orenburg. This ancient city, which was founded in 1735 is always in the memory of Kazakh people. Because, it is the first capital of Kazakh country within the Soviet Union. It functioned as the capital from 1920 till 1925. From that time a century had passed, but still every building reveals the secrets of that historical period. There many such places in the city. Especially, this building takes an important place in the formation of Kazakhstan as a state. Because, it is precisely this building which hosted the first and the second all-Kazakh congresses. The representatives of national intellectuals such as Akhmet Baytursynov, Mirzhakyp Dulatov, Alikhan Bokeikhanov formed the Alashorda government and raised the issue of forming the national autonomy. In Orenburg the house at the 7 Yaitskaya street, where distinguished Alash figures lived, is still preserved. Presently, the generation of those forefathers lives in the lands of Orenburg, which is now part of the Russian Federation.

More than 10 thousand Kazakhstan live in the historical city where the preeminent persons of Alash Orda left the mark. According to the official data the population of Orenburg city adds up to about 130 thousand people. Particularly over the last years the number of people who move from villages to the city has increased. The language is the issue, which troubles our compatriots in Russia. Presently in 50 schools of Orenburg region Kazakh language is taught as an additional course.  However, according to Azamat Baidauletov because of growing number of people who want to study Kazakh quality suffers. That is why, with the aim to preserve the language, to disseminate traditions and culture the first Kazakh national society was formed in 1989. At present, there are 17 such organisations and they are being governed by the Orenburg Kazakh Association. From 1999 till 2005 the organisation was headed by Azamat Abdimukhatuly. Now the distinguished patriot of his nation is the president of Orenburg regional Kazakh national-cultural autonomy. There is a new cultural complex “Ulttyk ayl” in a beautiful part of the city, where all Kazakhs meet together, they associate with each other, and revive the traditions of our forefathers.

They don’t live in Kazakhstan, but in spite of this they express great esteem for Kazakh forefathers and motherland. At present, there are many educated citizens among them. Ethnic Kazakhs respect precious values of our nation and feel love for their native land.