A fatal loss

His life often hung by a thread. There were assassinations and attempts to steal prepared, but Kenessary was lucky. Like bewitched, on his steed, he threw himself into the thick of the battle.
“Heart of his accomplices fought endlessly, to self-sacrifice devotion to their leader; Kenesary was worthy ruler of his armed force. Spirit, which inspired all his gang, could make any European commander of troops jealous! Yes, this man was an outstanding ruler, and there is no doubt that in other circumstances he could have been an outstanding politician.”
Nikolay Sereda, “The rebel of Kyrgyz Sultan Kenesary Kasimov” (1838-1847)
Elusive, brave, dread - his enemies did not skimp on the compliments, his luck was attributed to mysticism. There are legends composed and one of them is about a fatal loss, after which luck forever left the rebellious Khan.