The third Congress of the Nur Otan Party’s “Zhas Otan”

Watch in the program:
1. The third Congress of the Nur Otan Party’s “Zhas Otan” youth wing gathered together nearly 2,000 young people in Astana;
2. Cooperation of the Kazakh entrepreneurs with their colleagues from Tyumen region;
3. The special economic zone will help boost the industrial growth and stimulate the business activities in Pavlodar region;
4. 240 kilowatt power lines are being stretched to the Bozshakol mine;
5. The Chamber of Entrepreneurs and Astana City Administration have presented a joint Regional Development map at the annual conference of small and medium businesses held in Astana;
6. Procurement for construction and operation of Almaty Big Ring Road is under way;
7. Karaganda saved some 66 million tenge on electric power over the past year after introducing smart solutions such as the new LED street lighting;
8. A Safari and children's entertainment park, mini racetrack and a forest nursery –Kyzylorda region has started developing a resort area on the shore of the Lake Kambash;
9. An unusual campaign marking the 70th anniversary of victory in the Second World War was held at Ili army training ground in Almaty region;
10. Kurishbek Kozhekbayev is one of the soldiers who fiercely fought against Nazi invaders. The war veteran will turn 104 in May;
11. A new monument has been opened in Pavlodar region to commemorate our countryman and a war hero, Pavel Dubovoi;
12. Tekeli police officer has rescued a seven-year-old boy from drowning in the river;
13. Chinese horse-breeding farm has bought 40 Akhal-Teke horses from Kazakhstan;
14. Astana Opera staged the famous ballet ‘The Fountain of Bakhchisarai’.