Error, accident or malice?

Watch in the program:
1. The next stage of the election campaign kicked off in Kazakhstan. The registered candidates have been officially allowed to start campaigning from March 26;
2. Who will the Uzbekistan citizens vote for? Will the current Head of State run the Office? Election in Uzbekistan is being observed by nearly 300 international observers;
3. Error, accident or malice? Why did 150 people crash flying from Barcelona to Dusseldorf? A-320 airliner crashed in the French Alps;
4. How do people live in the Southern Kazakhstan? What achievements are they proud of the most? What are their plans? The President paid a visit to the most populous region in the country;
5. The people of Singapore say good bye to the Beloved leader of the democratic world. Lee Kuan Yew has turned the poor island-country into the largest commercial and financial center in Asia in a few decades.