The holiday of Nauryz

Watch in the program:
1. As we welcome spring, the holiday of Nauryz has created a special festive atmosphere across the country filled with joy, family reunions, new hopes and new aspirations;
2. Kazakhstan and the European Union are finalizing the negotiations on a new agreement on cooperation between the two parties;
3. Two important documents on cooperation between the Benelux countries and Kazakhstan were signed in Brussels;
4. This year the state budget will allocate 5 billion 690 million tenge for financial aid to Second World War veterans;
5. Changes will be introduced in the system of pension deductions; a draft law amending the country’s pension system will be adopted by the end of the year;
6. The electricity tariffs for the West Kazakhstan regional bakers will not be increased;
7. More than 3,000 facilities will introduce power-saving technologies this year;
8. The Consul General of Russia in Ust-Kamenogorsk Sergei Annenkov handed jubilee medals to the world war second veterans ahead of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory;
9. A ‘Memory Watch’ campaign aimed at marking the anniversary of Great Victory in WWII has started in Pavlodar;
10. Alley of Fame will appear in all the villages of the Munaily district of Mangystau region;
11. Kazakh Secretary of State - chairwoman of the national commission for women, family and demographic policy under the President Gulshara Abdykalikova has met with a representative of the UN Women in Kazakhstan - director of the multi-branch of "UN Women" in Central Asia Elaine Conkievic;
12. The number of businesswomen in Kazakhstan is on the rise;
13. 250,000 tulips have been grown in Karaganda for the spring holidays.