The Eurasian response to the world economic crisis

Watch in the program:
1. The Eurasian response to the world economic crisis. Astana, Minsk and Moscow are trying to find ways of expanding mutual trade and economic cooperation;
2. Everything is according to protocol: 5 foreign ambassadors presented their credentials to the President of Kazakhstan;
3. Why was the Akmola region called a ‘miniature’ of Kazakhstan? A republican forum dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan held in Kokshetau;
4. Medical tourism in Astana: advanced equipment, best doctors and reasonable prices. Ordinary Kazakh citizens will get free treatment based on the quotas in the new medical center;
5. What is ‘Nauryz Kozhe’ and what does one eat it with? How to celebrate the most ancient holiday on the planet without breaking the millennial traditions?