One of the major companies ‘Samruk-Energo’ will reduce its costs

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1. Kazakhstan will hold the Presidential Election on April 26;
2. The government of Kazakhstan will reduce administrative costs by about $4 billion;
3. One of the major companies ‘Samruk-Energo’ will also reduce its costs by almost 40 million tenge;
4. The Kazakhstan Mortgage Company is planning to commission 86 apartments for lease with further purchase in a residential building located on Astana's the left in March this year;
5. According to the participants of the first field meeting of the National Council on the training of professional and technical personnel - the dual training system has proven its efficiency;
6. Online video receptions, convenient working hours with no breaks for lunch, free legal advice, services of lawyers and psychologists - all these can be easily obtained through a call center and the web portal of ‘electronic public reception’;
7. A mining complex is being built on the base of the "Koktaszhal" deposit in Karkaralinsk, the Karaganda region;
8. A new project that was launched during a national teleconference with the participation of the Kazakh President is to create up to 650 new jobs;
9. Each year domestic grain enterprises export about 2 million tons of flour to the Central Asian countries like Iran and China and the company named ‘TonkerIs’ in the Akmola region is one of such enterprises;
10. The 'Made in Kazakhstan' price tags appeared in one of the rural supermarkets in the Kostanay region;
11. The Soviet soldier’s deed in the WWII has been immortalized;
12. Celebrations to mark the Year of People's Assembly of Kazakhstan are being held in Aktau;
13. The final stage of the festival "My Kazakhstan", which was held to mark the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan People’s Assembly, was concluded by a concert.