New anti-crisis measures in the state program ‘Nurly Jol’

Watch in the program:
1. Nursultan Nazarbayev has tasked the government to add new anti-crisis measures to the state program ‘Nurly Jol’, particularly to support the domestic enterprises, businessmen and agribusiness;
2. 428 billion tenge will be allocated for the "Nurly Jol" program in the next three years, as reported during the briefing at the Central Communications Services by a member of Majilis Tatiana Yakovleva;
3. The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan made an unexpected announcement last week;
4. After the President's address to support domestic producers, large retail outlets in Pavlodar announced a large-scale campaign called ‘Buy Kazakhstani products!’;
5. Aktobe farmers welcomed the President's request to support the domestic producers;
6. The first industrial zone has launched in the Kostanai region;
7. Despite the optimization of the state's budget some 10 billion tenge will be allocated in the next 2 years to 10 Kazakh universities to train qualified personnel for the State Programme of the Accelerated Industrial-Innovative Development, according to the Minister of Education and Science Aslan Sarinzhipov;
8. A new subject devoted to the Kazakh model of peace and harmony will be introduced to the curriculum in country's leading universities from the new academic year;
9. In the youth development index among 170 countries, Kazakhstan was ranked 27th;
10. The National Research Center for Maternal and Child Health has opened "a complex of clean rooms" - a department which will maintain the required level of sterility and microclimate thanks to a special air treatment;
11. 19 Kazakhstan citizens became holders of Prizes of the First President’s Fund;
12. The Uralsk military personnel has honored the WWII Officer of the Order of the Red Star and the captain of medical service the 90-year-old veteran Yekaterina Krylova.