‘Without bandages and antiseptics’ - Kazakh scientists have developed a biological bandage

Watch in the program:
1. The national companies signed a number of agreements with manufacturers to develop local content. Delivery of products was heavily negotiated among other key issues;
2. The Food Corporation canceled fines and penalty fees for the farmers in the northern part of the country who suffered last year's poor harvest;
3. The head of the Atyrau branch of one of Kazakhstan's banks Lyazzat Turysbekova has been sentenced for embezzlement;
4. A bank manager is accused of fraud in Pavlodar;
5. The woman that miraculously survived in the AN-2 jet crash in the Zhambyl region has successfully undergone five surgeries;
6. ‘Without bandages and antiseptics’ - Kazakh scientists have developed a biological bandage and now it will be much easier to treat burns and deep wounds;
7. 167 billion tenge will be invested to improve Kazakhstan’s airports;
8. The capabilities of the ‘LANS-air IV’ aircraft were demonstrated in Uralsk;
9. MAZ trucks will be assembled in Kazakhstan as agreed by the representatives of the Minsk plant, ministries and the embassy of Belarus during a visit to a car assembly plant in Semey;
10. Exactly 89 days remaining until the mass celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory in WWII.
11. Exactly 71 years ago Leningrad was liberated from the Nazi blockade;
12. A book about the border guards who died in a plane crash in 2012 was presented in Almaty;
13. A book written by professor, Doctor of Historical sciences Bereket Karibayev ‘History of the Kazakh Khanate’ has been presented in Taraz;
14. The Museum of Literature and Art of the Akmola region contains the rare book of Kozhakhmet Yassaui’s Edifications;
15. A Shymkent resident owns a collection of dolls from all over the world;
16. ‘The Astana Opera’ performed in the ‘Carlo Felice’ theater in Genoa, with the ballet Spartacus.