The National Bank will not allow sharp fluctuations of the exchange rate this year

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1. The National Bank will not allow sharp fluctuations of the exchange rate this year as announced today during the meeting on the socio-economic development of the country under the chairmanship of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, in Akorda;
2. A Unified Coordinating Centre for the management of the Special Economic Zones will be opened in Kazakhstan, as reported in the Majilis at the presentation of the bill to improve the special economic zones;
3. Former polygon in Semey may be transformed into a radioactive waste repository of a future nuclear power station, the Vice-Minister of Energy Bahytzhan Zhaksaliyev announced at the presentation of the bill "On the Use of Atomic Energy";
4. A tragedy struck the nation past week as the AN-2 plane crashed in the Zhambyl region;
5. A criminal case was initiated upon the mass traffic accident that involved a city bus;
6. Citizens of Uzbekistan will have to travel to Kazakhstan with a new set of documents;
7. A voluntary disarmament campaign has been launched in Kazakhstan since the beginning of the New Year;
8. Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan and the Metropolitan have agreed to work together in the fight against extremism and sectarianism;
9. The European countries showed particular interest in the Kazakh model of interethnic relations.
‘Veterans live with us’ was the name of the campaign held in Kyzylorda as part of the Year of People's Assembly of Kazakhstan;
10. The WWII Victory Pennant has been delivered to Astana, thus completing the patriotic campaign-marathon devoted to upcoming 70th anniversary of Victory;
11. Pilot lessons on the basics of entrepreneurship for high school students started in schools in Kyzylorda;
12. An ethnic village is planned to be built near Astana;
13. Archaeologists in Almaty finished the season successfully. For this time, they found a burial dating back to 4-5 centuries BC on the outskirts of the city.