National teleconference

Watch in the program:
1. 770 enterprises and another 15 new projects have been launched by Nursultan Nazarbayev during the national teleconference over the first five years of industrialization;
2. The mining industry is actively developing in Sarysu district of Zhambyl region;
3. Local macaroni manufacturing factory is gaining momentum in Semey;
4. The domestic company ‘KazSPO-N’ will produce uniforms for athletes and participants of the Universiade 2017;
5. Rental of a one-bedroom apartment will cost 50,000 Tenge under the ‘Nurly Jol’ program;
6. 22 families from Mangystau, Kyzylorda and Almaty regions became residents of East Kazakhstan under the ‘Employment Roadmap -2020’ program;
7. Kazakhstan’s companies have to buy their own inventions abroad because of inadequate patenting legislation;
8. The social project ‘Look at the stars’ was summed up in Astana;
9. 2015 was declared as the Year of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan;
10. The second republican muezzin competition was held in Almaty;
11. New information about Abai Kunanbayev was found in the archive of Omsk;
12. New website with Kazakh tales and legends was launched in Kazakhstan.