Nursultan Nazarbayev traveled to Ukraine

Watch in the program:
1. President of Kazakhstan had a rather busy week starting with a visit to Ukraine;
2. Nursultan Nazarbayev traveled to Moscow from Kiev to take part in two events of the highest level: CSTO summit and the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council;
3. Israeli businessmen request their country to be included in the list of visa-free regime states that Kazakhstan introduced in 2014;
4. New production has been launched on a shore of Lake Balkhash in Moiynkum District of Zhambyl region;
5. Employees of the Transport Control Inspection have seized about 30 tons of cattle hides when violators tried to smuggle it out from the Aktobe region;
6. Kostanay pupils have invented an Invarobot;
7. A pilot project of a trilingual interactive self-service info-terminal has been launched in Almaty;
8. Despite the crises and global financial instability, tourism remains a major source of income for many countries;
9. The country’s commemorative banknote with a nominal value of 10,000 Tenge was recognized as the ‘Best Banknote 2014’ by the International Banknote Community;
10. “Kazakhstan is our homeland!” says Ibrahim Arsamakov, an entrepreneur who is Ingush by nationality;
11. A veteran of World War II Zhakiya Mussatayev believes that Independence is the greatest achievement for any nation;
12. The pilots of the SU-27 crew that crashed were posthumously awarded for courage and selflessness;
13. Almaty metro celebrated its 20 millionth passenger;
14. Well-known Kazakh traveler Sapar Iskakov will go to 9 countries in support of the Expo-2017 International exhibition.