Human resources

Human resources

Changes in the labor market were discussed in Almaty during an HR Forum entitled ‘Best practices in employee motivation’. Professionals have come to a conclusion that under conditions of progressive development of information companies simply need to properly position themselves as an employer in the labor market. Now often there are cases when applicants know nothing about the companies with comfortable working conditions and a good team or possess unreliable information - gossip, rumors, comments on blogs and social networks. Therefore organizations of Kazakhstan need a single professional site for systemizing of interaction methods with their target audience - potential employees. This will encourage companies to establish their unique employers' brands. At the same time applicants will have an opportunity to choose ‘their company’ among openly stated conditions. In Kazakh companies usually there is no clearly defined system of training, rewards and career growth. Such a conclusion was reached by the participants of ‘Best practices in employee motivation’ HR forum. In April this year, one of the largest personnel holdings of the country conducted a survey. Its purpose was to determine the causes why contract employees change jobs. Most people leave because of the lack of professional growth. For 45% of respondents this was the main reason for leaving a company. In second place there was dissatisfaction with wages (32%), on the third lack of career advancement (23%). According to a survey by popularity fourth reason for dismissal is uninteresting current tasks and functions, the fifth - atmosphere inside a working team. Here respondents talked not only about unfriendly teams. Many pointed out strained relations with top management which assessed the effectiveness of the work done from emotional point of view.

Car business

Ridding fleet of Kazakhstan from old cars and significantly increase the share of production of new vehicles will be possible over the next few years. As experts of Kazakhstan AutoBusiness Association note next year it is planned to launch an ambitious Trade-In program in the country. The essence of this program is that every citizen of Kazakhstan would be able to get a new car by removing registration of an old one and meeting certain conditions of dealers. Today Kazakhstan AutoBusiness Association in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies conducted an analysis of the current used car market. Several objectives were set, one of which was to find out the technical condition of vehicles and their impact on the environment in cities. Experts are now talking about the need to start the development program in the country for recycling on an industrial scale drawing on the experience of the European countries. The gradual purification of the domestic fleet from old vehicles will boost Kazakh manufacturers to produce new cars. According to a research conducted by the Association of Kazakhstan AutoBusiness, during 9 months new car sales rose by 1,8 times and amounted to 116,1 thousand units compared to the same period last year.

Cashless payments market

As of October 1, 2013 the number of holders of plastic purses by 13 million to 100 people is 23.7% higher than a year earlier. The most common are the traditional debit cards, their share is 76.8 %, the share of credit cards – 20.6%, the share of the rest - Service card products. In September 2013 the volume of transactions using payment cards issuers in Kazakhstan amounted to 540 billion tenge. The main share of non-cash payment is made through POS-terminals 55.0% and 70.1% of the total number and volume of cashless payments and ATM 30,2% and 20.6 %, respectively. Another trend that experts pay attention - increasing the number of merchants who trade deal agreement enjoy cashless payment instruments. From the beginning, the number of such operations has increased by nearly 50%.