German technologies in agrobusiness

Animal breeding, as well as any activity in the field of agriculture, is a rather complicated type of business, which is subject to many risks. Nevertheless, the development of this segment, is very important in the economy of the state, which cares about national security, including food security. Cattle breeders are assisted by scientists and industrialists, including those who produce special food additives, so-called concentrates, or even the so-called combined fodder, which is able to completely replace all other types of food for domestic animals. Basically it is a mixture of grains and components with a high content of protein, vitamins and all sorts of microelements.

Viamin Company from Germany supplies modern fodder for all types of farm animals. A German investor who actively conquers the European market, has built a compound fodder plant in Kazakhstan in 2014. The latest smart technologies are used at the enterprise near Kokshetau.