Approved by the decision of the Management
of JSC «Khabar» Agency»
8th September 2010


1. Common Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions of the use of website (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) regulate the use of website (hereinafter referred to as the Website), the order of its information content, software and services offered by private individuals and legal entities on the web-site.

The use of the materials of the Website by private individuals and legal entities (hereinafter referred to as the User) means that the User agrees with the given Terms, recognizes and accepts the work on the information content and information layout of the Website, which is done by joint-stock company «Khabar» Agency» (hereinafter referred to as the Company). The User agrees that all the services are given «as is» and that The Web-site Administrator is not responsible for any delays, failures, incorrect or ill-timed delivery, and deletion of any user’s personal information. The User makes the decision on the acquisition of right to access the Web-site, purchase and adjustment of the equipment and software products, which are needed for this purpose. The user makes this decision on his/ her own and it is not subject to any agreement. 

Any section and/ or subsection of the Website can have some additional (local) terms, which regulate the operation of a certain section and/ or subsection of the Website. The local terms are the addenda to the given Terms and the User must follow them. The fact that the User uses these services on the Website means that he/ she agrees to follow these terms. 

Exclusive ownership right of the Website, logotypes, trademarks, elements of graphic arts, content, software and other materials from the Website belong to the Company.

The Company provides the User with a nonexclusive and non-transferable right to use the software provided in the service only at one computer on condition that neither the User himself/ herself nor any other people with the assistance of the User will copy or change the software, make programmes based on the software, penetrate into the software in order to obtain the code of programmes or modify the service in order to get unauthorized access to it.

The Company has the right to change and supplement the Terms as they see fit. In case of the violation of the Terms, the Company has the right to employ all means, which are permissible according to the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan towards the Users who violated these Terms. 

Administration and technological provision of the work of the Website is provided by the employees of the structural subdivisions of the Company. The co-ordination of the work of the Website, the provision of its work and its content are provided by the Internet department (hereinafter referred to as The Site Administrator).

2. The Rights And Obligations Of The Company And The User


The User must use the Website only with legitimate purpose. The User must not submit or transfer any materials through the Website or commit any actions:

- which violate the rights of other people, which besides other things include patents, trade marks, commercial secrets, copyright, rights to advertisement or any other proprietary rights;


- which are illegal, insulting, slanderous, discrediting honour, merit or goodwill and deceiving;


- which are directed to pursue, humiliate or threaten a person or a group of people on the grounds of their religion, sex, sexual orientation, membership of any organization, race, ethnic origin, age, or which are directed to incitement of ethnic hatred, promotion and justification of extremism or terrorism, spreading of information which reveals technical methods and tactics of antiterrorist operations in the period when they are being carried out, the promotion of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, and also cults of cruelty, violence and pornography; 


- which contain viruses or other computer code, files or programmes which interrupt, destroy or limit the functions of computer software, hardware or telecommunication equipment;


- which violate these Terms of use of the Website, or any other instructions or rules placed on the Website;


- any acts that are prohibited by the Legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan. 

The User is prohibited from gaining unauthorized access to any services, computer systems or networks by means of hacking, password cracking or by any other means.


According to the conditions of the Terms, the User can use the Site and its content only for personal non-commercial purposes. 


Without prior written consent of the Website Administrator, the User cannot use a means to extract information from the information content or reproduce, reprint, copy, save, publicly display, broadcast, transfer, change, translate, relocate, publish, sublicense, assign, send or lend the information content or distribute it in any other way. 


The content which is acquired by using the services of the Website can only be used with source reference. 


The User of the Website must respect the rights of the third parties, the culture of communication and the ethics of the Internet. 

The Company has the right:


- to impose any limitations on the use of the Website at any time and for any period of time;


- to change the Terms and limitations at any time with or without providing preliminary information to the Users;


- to prohibit automatic access to the Website and also to stop the reception of any information which was automatically generated (for instance, e-mail spam);


- to remove those Users who have not used their access for a long time;


- to execute routine maintenance in the hardware and software system of the Website with temporary suspension of the work of the Website without providing preliminary information.

3. Dispute Escalation


- The User who thinks that his/ her rights and interests have been violated as a result of the actions of the Website Administrator should e-mail a complaint to the latter on e-mail address;


- The Administrator of the website during 10 (ten) working days after the complaint was received must detail their position to the questions stated in the complaint and e-mail their explanations to the Users whose e-mail address is mentioned in the complaint. In case the User does not accept the explanations of the Website Administrator, the settlement of the dispute will be reached according to the order established by the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The Website Administrator will not consider anonymous complaints or complaints in which the data provided by the User does not allow to identify him/ her.

4. Responsibility


The User who has posted information on the Website is responsible for it. 


The Website Administrator, who provides uninterrupted operation of the Website, is not responsible for the complete or partial loss of information that was posted by the User as well as for quality problem or low speed of service provisioning.


By posting materials on the Website the User agrees that he/ she is completely responsible for the materials he posts on the Website and its content. In case the complaints which are connected with posting of the materials are received from third parties, the User must settle these complaints on his/ her own and at his/ her expense.


The Website Administrator must inform the User about third parties’ claims for the materials he/ she posted.


The User must either provide the Website Administrator with the right of publication or delete the materials.


The Company is not responsible for the content of those materials which were posted by the User or for their accordance with the law of Republic of Kazakhstan.