Currently science in Kazakhstan develops in 5 priority guidelines mainly. They are energetics, deeper conversion of raw materials and products, informative and telecommunications technologies, life sciences and intellectual potential of the country.


Trine "education-science-innovation" is a key priority of the Kazakhstan state policy. The out-of-door research laboratories (national science laboratories of multiple access and laboratories of engineering sector) were created on the initiative of the country’s President for the integration of the education with science and innovation process. All of them equipped with the most advanced facilities where any citizen can perform research.


One more demonstrative example of the education and science integration is The Nazarbayev University that has united all 3 aspects of intellectual nation’s forming represented by the president of the country. 3 scientific centers were established there and concentrates not only on research, but for the most part largely, on the science integration into the educational process, the concrete output of studies in progress, in commercial innovations.


The "Parasat" national scientific engineering holding plays the role of no little interest. This organization is popular for the steady scientific engineering and social economic development of Kazakhstan. The mission of organization is the development, introduction and commercialization of technologies,


Another unique project is "Technology commercialization". The project is implemented along with the World Bank and its aim is in the international practices development of enterprises of efficient systems of scientific achievements commerce realization. The main target of the project is to give the examples of concrete studies how to form Kazakhstan's science with the help of foreign specialists, so that it would be focused on the demanded result and commercial meaning of the studies from the beginning. The project will help to renew, strengthen and restructure most popular zones of Research and Technological Development in Kazakhstan, connect it with national and international technologies market.


The state supports the scientists in every possible way. The scientific mobility increases annually. Thanks to a number of international programmes, particularly "Bolashak" scholarship, young scientists can get the research practice in the best laboratories of the world.


Three schemes of the domestic research material support were implemented in the state which are base, grant and programme directed. The grant financing is provided for the realization of new challenging ideas and developments. In this connection half of them refer to the fundamental researches and another part to engineering developments. Programme directed financing has a practical orientation mainly, directed to the major programme implementation, served to solve important problems of social and economic development of country.


Kazakhstan scientists have the opportunity to implement their high-technology ideas and get a financial benefit in the created technology parks and business incubators. A number of measures on scientific work promotion have been taken by the government of the state to engage the youth in research and technology sector. The State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science, engineering and education, as well as nominal prize in the science sector named after C. Valikhanov, M. Auezov, K. Satpayev, D. Kunayev, A. Barayev, Kul-Tegin were formed.


The programme of accelerated industrial and innovative development, relying upon the developed scientific basis, is being implemented in Kazakhstan. This development is being introduced on the principally new conditions, rigidly orientated on economic diversification, a qualitative increase of the technology level and products research intensity.


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