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Rules for obtaining visa of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Foreign citizens and those without citizenship need to obtain a visa for entrance to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK) if otherwise is not regulated by the international agreements of the RK. The visa of the RK is glued in the passport or other acceptable by the RK document, proving the identity, and valid for passage, and gives the right to enter and stay in the RK, as well as to leave it or cross the territory of the RK by transit. 

Rules of Entry, Stay and Exit of Foreign Nationals from Kazakhstan

These rules have been drafted in accordance with the Kazakhstan Constitution, the Kazakhstan Law On Migration, Presidential Decree # 2337 of 19 June 1995 having the effect of law.

Accreditation Rules

In accordance with the system of international cooperation in the field of information spreading and in an effort to inform the world community about domestic and international life of the Republic of Kazakhstan, correspondents of foreign media, long-term or short-term accredited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including those invited by other authorities and organizations of the republic can work in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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