The ‘Kobyz unі’ exhibition in Kyzylorda has presented charming motifs of the ancient musical instrument.  Kobyz is a main highlight of the exhibition. Made of a single piece of wood this musical instrument is an "eloquent" witness of the life of the nomads and today it conveys the ethnic history of the Kazakhs. The expiation features approximately 1,000 exhibits particularly, Shankobyz, Kylkobyz, Balakobyz, which are cut out of wood, forged from metal, embroidered by weavers and crafted by jewelers. The 40 masters of applied art demonstrated their works.


 - Kylkobyz is the most ancient musical instrument which we inherited from our ancestors. The Kobyz conveyed the joy and sorrow of the Kazakh people. Our main goal is to introduce people to the values of the Kobyz and to popularize the instrument among the younger generation.

Oкшош жаңылыктар