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Malaysia airlines flight MH370: police on trail of fake passport holders in Thailand

11.03.2014 10:38

Thai police and Interpol are conducting an investigation on fake passports, which were held by two passengers. As it is known, they illegally boarded plane of Malaysia Airlines. Passports of citizens of Italy and Austria were stolen in Thailand. Both passengers used these documents; they bought tickets at China Southern Airlines. They had to change a plane in Beijing and depart to Amsterdam.

- We still do not know where exactly these passports were stolen. There were no filed police reports on stolen documents. We have no information about the identity of the suspects. When they bought tickets, they used the copies of stolen documents.

According to representatives of Interpol, it is too early to talk about the relation between forged passports and a possible plane crash. Currently search for the missing plane Boeing 777-200 of Malaysia Airlines in the South China Sea is conducted by 40 ships and 22 aircraft of several countries, RIA Novosti reports.



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