Central Asian countries play a key role in the implementation of the "Silk Road Economic belt" initiative, according to Zhu Shisun, head of the research center of Xinjiang Pedagogical University. According to him, historically the Great Silk Road passed through this region, and it became a successful example of nations' cooperation. At present, Central Asian states’ involvement in the integration initiative and unification of industrial chains will revive the ancient route and effectively develop trade and economic cooperation with China. The expert says that more and more Chinese companies will invest in this region as the cooperation grows.


 - We will talk not only about traditional energy and fossil fuels, but also about financial and credit sphere, logistics, information technologies, payment systems, as well as 4G and 5G communication technologies. It is these areas that will attract more investments. As for logistics, the Chinese port of Lianyungang is already prepared for such sort of cooperation. Many countries of Central Asia have no access to the sea. The interface of our transport and logistics systems will let the Central Asian countries enter the markets of developed economies of the Asia-Pacific region.

According to Chinese experts, the Central Asian states and their markets have certain needs and therefore, the initiative "Silk Road Economic belt" will become a real response to them. It will deepen interstate relations and will be beneficial for all parties, specialists believe.

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