Bashar Assad named Astana Syria talks effective

At a meeting with Russian parliamentarians, President of Syria Bashar Assad said that he views Syria peace talks in Astana as effective and he sees a progress in achievement of peaceful regulation, Kazinform reports.

“For the first time it was announced, that the Syrian President backs the negotiations in Astana and names them effective and beneficial,” Deputy of the Russian State Duma Dmitry Sablin said after the meeting with the President of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Assad confirmed readiness for the talks with the representatives of opposition including armed one. He also stated that he is open for the dialogue with the Kurds.

The Syrian President noted the situation in the country develops in the area desired both by Moscow and Damascus. A delegation of Russian parliamentarians arrived in Syria on Monday to meet with the country’s leadership and discuss the problem of peaceful regulation and political order of the SAR. The delegation includes Coordinator of the Group of Friendship with the Syrian Parliament Dmitry Sablin, Chief of the State Committee for Civil Society Development Sergey Gavrilov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Information Policy Alexander Yuschenko.

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