Lara Fabian admires Kazakh Dimash Kudaibergenov

World-famous French singer Lara Fabian expresses admiration for Dimash Kudaibergenov and she would like to meet him, according to the Kazakh singer's producer Alpamys Sharimov, who informed about it via Instagram.

“We have great news for you! After listening to Dimash in the internet, Lara Fabian expressed a desire to meet him,” Sharimov wrote.

Below is a translation of correspondence between Lara Fabian and her composer Flavien in WhatsApp:

Flabien: Did you listen to this Kazakh singer’s performance?

Lara: Yes, it’s amazing!

Flabien: His vocal skills are great!

Lara: His performance is outstanding! A very strong voice!

Flabien: What if we meet with him?

Lara: Why not?

“The talks have already begun. This correspondence is published with Flabien’s permission,” Sharimov adds.

By the way, Lara Fabian knew well Grеgory Lemarchal who also sang SOS d'un terrien en détresse. In 2007, Lemarchal died of complications while waiting in hospital for a lung transplant.  In a popular music show in France, he sang Ave Maria together with Lara Fabian.



Source: Kazinform

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