Luo Wenyou is a Chinese collector who's car collection includes several of China's most important automobiles. This image shows the 1998 Louis Vuitton Classic China Run rally, which began in the Chinese city of Dalian and ended in Beijing.

In Luo Wenyou's cavernous, hangar-like exhibition building in Beijing's northern Huairou district, the scents of history and engine oil are dovetailed, CNN reports.

Luo owns around 200 vehicles, ranging from a jet black stretch limo made for Mao Zedong to an enormous red fire truck. Last month, his obsession with vintage cars -- an esoteric interest in China -- was featured in a mini documentary, aptly named "Driven."

Luo's collection began in 1979, when he first became what was a rarity in China at the time: a private car owner. He bought a blue Polish Warszawa car for 5,000 Yuan ($725). (Production for Warszawas began in the 1950s)."I changed my white gloves every day and wore sunglasses when I was driving," says Luo, sitting in the back of a 1966 limo car made by the brand Hongqi. "Even in the winter I would lower my window so people could see me.
"It was so rare to see a car on the roads and there were no traffic lights, just police officers giving signals."

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