Kazakhstan plays a leading role in the implementation of projects of the Silk Road Economic Belt, according to China’s Ambassador to Kazakhstan Zhang Hanhui. According to the ambassador, the country has great potential in the development of transport logistics. Thus, China considers Kazakhstan as an entry point for the supply of the Chinese goods not only to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, but also to Europe. The main advantage of transporting goods through Kazakhstan, according to the diplomat, is the delivery terms - not only it is shorter, but roughly 10 times cheaper than other means.


From the most southern Guangdong Province many cargo trains were sent by railway in Germany, even in the UK through Kazakhstan. If by sea, it took almost 1.5 months, but it takes 18 days to deliver to the UK through Kazakhstan. This is efficient.

The ambassador also mentioned that this year, construction of the highway Western Europe - Western China is nearing its completion. Because of the new transnational corridor, as well as in China - Iran project, Kazakhstan may become a major transportation and logistics hub, connecting North and South, eastern and western Eurasia, the European Union, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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