Cultural scientists and researchers study the musical heritage of the Kazakh poet, composer and folklore scientist Shakir Abenov. The National Museum in Astana hosted a round table dedicated to the famous poet’s life. The event was organized as part of the “Traditional musical heritage”, and was attended by researchers, performers of traditional songs, as well as students of the famous poet, who shared memories about their mentor. Today, lyrics and poems by Shakir Abenov are widely known and popular in Kazakhstan. They are included in the anthology titled “Thousand Kazakh songs”. However, kuys by Abenov have not been yet studied, experts say. Now, the work in this field has started. The first book “Heritage of kuis by Shakir Abenov” has been published by the Scientific Research Institute. The book also includes notes of original kuys by Shakir Abenov. 


In the archives, we found the records of the works performed by Shakir Abenov. They have never been played on radio and TV. There has never been a book on three-stringed dombra. In the future, we want to issue a more complete book set, dedicated to the musical heritage of Shakir Abenov.

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