Still taken from a video showing the Ibarra family inviting people to Rubi's birthday party

An invitation to a girl’s 15th birthday party in Mexico has gone viral and 1.2 million people have said they will attend. 


Rubi Ibarra Garcia and her parents uploaded a video to Facebook inviting friends and family to the party but as the post was made public it soon went viral. 


The video shows Crescencio Ibarra, Ms Garcia’s father, saying “everyone is welcome”, listing the bands that will play at the event and announcing a horse race will take place at the party.


Mr Ibarra has confirmed he will not be turning anyone away from the party and police are set to be deployed to the town of La Joya to ensure people’s safety, according to the BBC.


The video has been shared 800,000 times and imitations and memes have been created. Anaelda Garcia, Rubi’s mother, said her favourite meme features the President-elect of the US. 


"It's the one about Donald Trump and [Mexican President] Enrique Pena Nieto coming to an agreement to allow undocumented Mexican migrants in the US to return to Mexico for Rubi's party,” Ms Garcia said. 

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