Eight archaeological sites of Kyzylorda region can be included in UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list. They are the ancient settlements of Syganak, Zhankala, Zhankent, Kesken kuyuk, Shirik-Rabat, Babish molda, Balandy, the monuments of Zhetiasar oasis. Both domestic and international experts made the proposal to include these ancient cities that were once located along the Silk Road, in the list of the organization. With this aim, the ancient monuments of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are required to be explored. The preliminary list of UNESCO includes 16 sites that are located along the Syr Darya section of the Silk Road. Meanwhile, significant work for the preservation of cultural heritage in Kyzylorda region is well underway, including excavations and study of ancient settlements Syganak, Zhankent, Shirik-Rabat.



Over the past five years, significant changes took place in Kazakhstan. Many cities have been found. For instance, it became known that long ago people inhabited the coast of the Aral Sea. We must continue this work. In general, the work carried out during the years of independence is of great importance.

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