Three Syrian refugees in Germany overpowered a bomb suspect who gave elite commandos the slip and sparked a two-day manhunt, police have revealed, BBC says.


Police believe Jaber al-Bakr, also a Syrian, was planning a bomb attack and had links to so-called Islamic State.


They failed to arrest him on Saturday and found 1.5kg of explosives in his flat in the eastern city of Chemnitz.


He made his way south to Leipzig and sought help from fellow Syrians, who then handed him to police.


Details of the role of the three Syrians emerged slowly as police feared they could be at risk of reprisal.


The suspect approached one of the Syrian refugees at Leipzig's main railway station and asked him if he could sleep at his apartment, German media report.


Although aware of who he was, the man took the suspect back to his flat in the Paunsdorf area of north-eastern Leipzig where he and his flatmates overpowered him.


Saxony police chief Joerg Michaelis said they had heard about the manhunt and tied him up while one of them knelt on him.


One of the three then took a picture of the suspect on a mobile phone and travelled to a police station 20km (12 miles) away in the opposite end of the city.

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