Michael Douglas, Stevie Wonder and Leonardo DiCaprio took part in the UN celebration dedicated to the International Day of Peace. The holiday is celebrated annually on the 21st of September calling for a cessation of hostilities and renunciation of violence. The Peace Bell traditionally rang in the garden of the UN Headquarters just before the event. The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged all the warring parties elsewhere to lay down their arms and respect the global ceasefire. The ceremony was attended by the UN leadership, UN Member States’ delegations, Hollywood stars and musicians. The Messengers of Peace - renowned American actors and producers, the popular hip-hop artists performed at a solemn meeting in the hall of the General Assembly. They signed a petition in support of internally displaced persons and passed it to Ban Ki-moon. This appeal for mercy will sound at the forthcoming Summit on refugees and migrants on September 19 in the Organization's Headquarters in New York.

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