Nigeria is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. The reduction in volume and a drop in oil prices have affected the country's economy. The funds are barely enough for the basic needs. The UN warned, if the authorities do not react to the situation, the country may face an unprecedented famine.



244,000 children are severely and acutely malnourished in the North-East of Nigeria all over the course of this year. Simply put it’s because traitors come to a stop in security has been rife and people have been unable to reach the fields to farm. People have been unable to reach the lake to fish. So the levels of food supply have gone down. The food that has been supplied to certain markets that still exist is three times more expensive today than it was a few months back. So that makes it inaccessible to an average person in the north-east of Nigeria. Simply put, all of these ads up to severe hunger.


In June, the government announced an emergency situation amid the hunger and food shortages in the region. The UN has allocated $13 million to Nigeria to combat the issue. That's barely enough to somehow feed the hundreds of thousands of people in need.



All our troubles are from the lack of food and water. Because of the hunger people are sick and die. What we receive is not enough.

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